What We Do - Methodology

An evidence-based approach for powerful positive change.

To design and deliver bespoke strategies for cultural and behavioural change, we follow a proven methodology spanning three main stages.

Stage 1 – Discover

At the core of a successful culture or behaviour change project is a strong foundation of knowledge, context and insight. The ‘Discover’ stage is a comprehensive research and planning period that serves to identify and assess critical factors unique to the project and key to its success.

Here we spend time meeting and speaking to individuals, teams, clients and other project stakeholders.

We find out what’s broken and needs fixing, but perhaps more importantly, what’s working well that can be built upon. Using our findings, we create a strategy to move us from where we are, to where we want to be.

Stage 2 – Design

The ‘Design’ stage is where we decide upon the concept of the solution, create the material and select the channels we will use to connect with our audiences.

The solutions we create are based on contemporary theories of organisational psychology yet brought to life through creative executions that connect with audiences at an emotional level.

Whether it’s through film, theatre, interactive technology, curated learning environments or something different, we deliver heart-felt messages that inspire people to change, rather than just asking them.

We utilise the Human Centred Design framework, to take a creative approach to problem solving This actively involves the people we are designing the change initiative for, ensuring we arrive at a final solution, proven as working for everyone.

Stage 3 – Deliver

In the final phase of the process, the completed solution is deployed into an organisation and delivered to its workforce over an extended timeframe using a multi-phased approach and harnessing the material and channels created in the ‘Design’ stage.

Through impactful launch events, highly engaging learning experiences and easy-to-implement exercises and activities, we are able to inspire new behaviours in order to achieve long-term, deeply ingrained change.

We help teach people how to pass the new learnings onto fellow team members, before embedding them as an accepted and integrated part of every-day business operations.

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