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3DTM – Program Development Framework

Our sophisticated 3DTM process comprises a three-step framework for discovering your most significant challenges and opportunities, designing a tailormade solution, and delivering it with impact. The process is highly collaborative, creating maximum buy-in from participants, and an openness to explore.

Phase 1 – Discovery

Through surveys, interviews, and focus groups, we discover the behaviours and mindsets that are positively impacting the business as well as the obstacles that are preventing it from propelling forward. The outcomes of Phase 1 will form the blueprint for your future culture.

Phase 2 – Design

In Phase 2 we develop our design concept in response to the opportunities presented during the Discovery Phase and in alignment with your company values. Every program is custom-designed to suit your needs. This includes considering the mediums, techniques, and methodology most relevant to your workforce and vision for the future.

Phase 3 – Delivery

We deliver your custom-designed program in the most engaging way for your workforce. This typically means leveraging a combination of digital and face-to-face experiences for maximum impact.



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Tools - Expert Facilitation

ELITETM Methodology

Engage, Learn, Integrate, Teach and EmbedTM

Delivering your program using our proven methodology is key to achieving sustainable results for your business. We apply the ELITETM (Engage, Learn, Integrate, Teach and EmbedTM) methodology to our cultural and behavioural change programs because of its effectiveness in driving long-term, deeply ingrained change.

Human Centred Design

We design for people.

Guided by the principles of Human Centred Design (HCD) we listen, observe, and uncover insights about your people which ultimately lead to a more relevant program design. Incorporating these insights into our programs has consistently resulted in cultural transformations and leadership outcomes with lasting effect.

We believe your people, at every level, are your most valuable asset. By maintaining our focus on their needs, we deliver solutions which will truly engage them to take ownership of your organisation’s change.

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