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What makes a good leader? For years we have been told that things like “integrity” and “the ability to inspire” is what drives a successful team. But what if we told you that laziness could be a good leadership quality?

In this edition of Fast Five, Interchange has curated a list of articles that will give you the leadership lowdown. From modern leaders shaking things up to the fearless commanders of Game of Thrones, you’ll find it all here.






1. Lazy Leadership

By Andrew Wilkinson | @awilkinson


In pretty much all cases, laziness is considered an undesirable or negative trait. As a self-confessed lazy person, Andrew Wilkinson (Founder of MetaLab) thought so too, until he realised that it actually allowed his businesses to perform better. Instead of pushing boulders up hills, forcing himself to do the things he hated, Wilkinson simply hired people to do them. He then gave them the autonomy and space to focus on what they are passionate about. Which, in turn, resulted in much better performance than if he were to do that task himself.

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2. Leadership: It’s Not About You

By Amy Modglin | @ModglinLeader


In some cases, a fancy title may bring an inflated ego along with it. Unfortunately, a job title is not going to automatically generate respect or success from your employees. What will, however, is putting your people ahead of yourself.

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3. 5 reasons empathy is the most important leadership skill

By Harvey Deutschendorf | @theeiguy


When researching good leadership qualities, most times you’ll come across things like ‘integrity’, ‘good communication’ and ‘ability to inspire’. While these qualities are great things to possess, the one that trumps all of them according to a study conducted by Development Dimensions International (DDI), is empathy. Here are five reasons why empathetic leaders are the most successful.

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4. The four leadership styles still standing on “Game of Thrones”

By Jeff Beer | @jeffcbeer


*Spoiler alert* If you’re not up to date with the latest season of GoT then I would not recommend reading this article. The final episode did air in May though, so if it hasn’t been spoiled for you by this point, I would be extremely surprised. This article brings a whole new meaning to leadership styles! Are you a John Snow, down in the trenches with the team? Or do you resonate more with the leadership style of Daenerys Targaryen? Have a read to find out.

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5. New Breed of Boss: 3 modern leaders doing things differently

By Interchange | @Interchange_CW

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern


For many years, leadership was taught as a top-down approach, where positions of power come from a place of authority and dominance. In this day and age, this style of leadership simply doesn’t support the economic demand for innovative solutions nor does it cultivate a healthy working environment. To lead successful organisations, we must rethink our style of leadership and adopt a more modern approach. Here are the ways in which Jacinda Ardern, Jurgen Klopp and Satya Nadella are shaking things up and paving the way to success.

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