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Although we have made huge strides toward gender equality in the workplace, we still have a fair way to go.

In this edition of Fast Five, Interchange has crafted a list of five insightful articles that explore the current state of gender equality within our organisations, the benefits of gender balance and the steps we need to take to achieve an equal future.






1. 5 huge benefits of gender equality in your business

By NAWBO | @NAWBONational


Having a gender-balanced workforce is necessary for quite a number of reasons. Not only is it important from a social and moral standpoint, but it also benefits organisations in ways that extend beyond good corporate image. Gender equality in the workplace not only encourages varied viewpoints and experience, but it also strengthens communication, promotes productivity and fosters a positive working environment.

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2. Balance for better

By Interchange | @interchange_co



Did you know that in 2018, there were more men named Andrew who were CEOs than women who were CEOs? That shocking statistic really paints the picture of the barriers women face when it comes to leadership roles.

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3. 6 concrete ways to make your office more gender equitable

By Katherine Plumhoff | @kplumhoff


While some aspects of gender equality require change at a societal level, there are tangible actions that can be taken within an organisation to create more gender equitable workplaces. Here are six strategies that can help to make huge strides towards truly equitable workplaces.

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4. 10 reasons every company should offer paid paternity leave and every father should take it

By Jared Cline


To reach complete gender equality in the workplace, organisations need to do more than introduce a gender quota. Men and women need to have access to the same benefits, including paid parental leave. This article presents the undeniable benefits of men taking paternity leave – benefits for the father, the family and the employer.

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5. Workplace gender equality: lots of obstacles, but signs of progress

By Charles Cooper | @coopeydoop

Martina Lauchengco, Allison Lewis, Tracy Young, Nick Mehta, & Emily Chang at Seat @ the Table. Image courtesy of Charles Cooper

In what ways have we made progress towards gender equality in the workplace, and where do the obstacles remain? This article by Charles Cooper explores both the progress and the hurdles yet to be tackled. Making gender equality a reality requires leaders to take a stand, provide greater advocacy for women and collective steps toward the end goal.

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