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‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ are often mistakenly used interchangeably. Can you have diversity without inclusion or visa versa?- Yes, you can.

For the fifth edition of Fast Five, Interchange has trawled through the depths of the internet to bring you five insightful articles on diversity and inclusion. Ever wondered how improving diversity and inclusion can boost our economy? Maybe you’ve been dying to know what Uber has done to address its toxic culture? Keep reading to find out.






1.How social inclusion could boost Australia’s economy by $12.7 billion a year

By Lin Evlin


A recent report commissioned by SBS has revealed that if social inclusion can be harnessed better, the Australian economy could benefit from a rather significant annual boost of $12.7 billion. This article details the myriad of benefits Australia will have the opportunity to realise as a direct result of improving social inclusion.

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2. How to Ensure Inclusive Design in the Workplace

By Manisha Amin | @manishaamin


While our communities can be so diverse, often our workspaces are designed as though we are carbon copies of one another. Little consideration is given to those who might be considered ‘edge’ or ‘extreme’ users. This article examines how, by making our workplaces more inclusive, organisations can enjoy the benefits that come with diverse talents, experiences and views.

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3. The Dangers of Mistaking Diversity for Inclusion in the Workplace

By Dana Brownlee | @DanaBrownlee


Diversity and inclusion-D&I. It is such a common phrase spoken around organisations everywhere. But what does it actually mean? Often times, ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ are used interchangeably, but does one automatically guarantee the other? This article explains the dangers of focusing solely on diversity without properly considering inclusivity.

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4. The Road to Redemption: Inside Uber’s Radical U-turn on Diversity

By Girard Dorney | @GirardDorney


Following the explosive and revealing blog post by former Uber employee Susan Fowler, the company is trying desperately to clean up their act and provide a more inclusive place of work. Uber is well aware of the long road ahead of them, but ultimately, this is a company that wants to change and they’re committed to the cause. Have a read of this very comprehensive article to find out what strategies they’ve put in place.

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5. Four Steps to Becoming a Diversity and Inclusion Advocate in your Workplace

By Pro Bono Australia | @ProBonoNews

Now that we understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in our workplaces, how do we put it into practice? This article offers four tangible steps to ensure that all members of our diverse community are considered and included in all that we do.

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