Fast Five: Issue no. 6

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For the sixth edition of Fast Five, Interchange presents five interesting articles spanning a variety of topics such as how to approach a ‘quad-generation workplace’, how Woolworths is creating a more inclusive shopping environment and more.






1.Measuring Culture in Leading Companies

By Donald Sull, Charles Sull and Andrew Chamberlain


Measuring and comparing a company’s culture can be very tricky. To perform a true pulse check and observe how a company’s culture measures up, we must analyse the verbatim comments from a large sample, spanning across many industries and companies. But how do we gather this kind of data? Well, it actually already exists thanks to popular recruiting site, Glassdoor. This very comprehensive article explains just how we can use this data to measure and compare company culture.

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2. Top 20 business transformations of the last decade

By Scott D. Anthony, Alasdair Trotter and Evan I. Schwartz



This insightful article from Harvard Business Review explains how 20 companies have developed new-growth businesses outside of their traditional cores, catapulting them to new and noteworthy levels of success.

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3. Woolworths expands Quiet Hour following successful trial

By Remedios Lucio




Woolworths is making moves toward a more inclusive shopping environment following the successful trial of ‘quiet hour’.  The initiative aims to provide a more comfortable shopping experience for customers who have a lower tolerance for sensory stimulation.

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4. A Royal Marines vet’s tips for teams performing under pressure

By Richard Newman-Minutes

If someone told you that they were about to set off on a 42-day, 3000-mile journey around the world in a rowboat… you’d think they were crazy, wouldn’t you? What if that same person then told you that they, along with their whole team, had almost zero rowing experience? Royal Marines Vet, Andy Williams, shares his insights on teamwork, and how he managed to lead his team to the end of what appeared to be an impossible journey.

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5. Four Better or Four Worse

By Henley Business School


New research conducted by Henley Business School delves into the concept of the ‘quad-generation workplace’ and how it aims to disrupt working life as we know it. With four generations now within our workforce (Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomers), how are businesses going to adapt and create a working environment that works for all? Could a four-day working week be the answer? Have a read of the whitepaper to find out.

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