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*Tears start welling* Ah, they grow up so fast! Your favourite article round-up is celebrating its 10th issue! This month, Fast Five launches into its pre-teens with articles spanning topics such as the positive effects of swearing at work, the state of the financial services industry, why Delta has given its staff 2 months of extra pay and more.





1.Kenneth Hayne’s Banking Royal Commission Reported a Year Ago, But Are Customers Any Better Off?

By Daniel Ziffer | @DanZiffer | 3 Minute Read



One year has officially passed since commissioner Kenneth Hayne shocked the banking industry with 76 recommendations in his final report in February 2019. What changes have the players in question made following these suggestions? Can we expect a much more permanent and stringent code of ethics from our financial service providers, or will shady behaviour come creeping back once the spotlight is pointed elsewhere?


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2. A Performance Review on Performance Reviews

By Norm Wright | @Norman_Wright | 8 Minute Read



If you are a manager, you’ll most likely understand that performance reviews are a necessary part of the job. With so many performance management systems out there, which ones actually work? How can we provide feedback and motivate staff in a truthful, yet positive way? In this article, Norm Wright talks about the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to performance reviews.

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3. Delta Gave its Employees 2 Months of Extra Pay. Here’s Why That’s Good Business

By Jeanne Sahadi | @Jeanne Sahadi | 2 Minute Read




For the last 6 years, Delta has been thanking their employees for all of their hard work by paying them a profit-share bonus. The 2019 payout reached a record amount, seeing the company divide $1.6 billion across the workforce. Delta is not showing any signs of slowing down. Is this extra incentive the secret to their business success?

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4. Changing Company Culture Requires a Movement, Not a Mandate

By Bryan Walker & Sarah A. Soule | @findwalker & @SouleSarah | 8 Minute read



To effectively and positively influence an organisation’s culture, a top-down style mandate is not the way to go. It must live within the collective hearts and habits of people and their shared perception of “how things are done”. Bryan Walker and Sarah A. Soule discuss how to start a culture change movement that will bring lasting results.

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5. Here’s Why You Should Swear at Work, According to Science

By Udi Ledergor | @ledergor


Despite how normalised swearing has become in our personal and social lives, the business world still views it as taboo. However, new research has emerged that may have organisations rethinking their aversion to the occasional F-bomb. In this article, Udi Ledergor discusses the benefits of increasing the profanities in the name of good business.


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