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Extra, Extra! Read all about it! Fast Five issue no. 14 is here! This month, we bring you tonnes of insightful reading material with five articles covering topics such as the death of hot-desking, what we’ve learned from COVID-19, ethical decision making for leaders and more.





1. How to spot the signs that a friend is in crisis during lockdown, and how to support them from afar

By Shira Feder | 8 minute read



During the pandemic, many people are experiencing amplified levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. But when we can only socialise from a distance, it can be difficult to spot the true signs of distress. This article by Shira Feder provides some useful tips to help spot the signs and support our loved ones in the best way we can.

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2.The death of hot-desking, a cost-saving masquerading as a HR fad

By Jennifer Hewett | 6 minute read



Hot-desking. It was the hottest craze sweeping offices all over the world. While it carried some clear financial benefits for organisations, the human benefits were rather questionable. Will COVID-19 be the death of hot-desking all together?

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3.Ethical decision-making for directors during COVID-19

By Dr Melinda Muth | 4 minute read



In times of financial stress, business leaders are required to make some tough decisions. Decisions that may challenge the organisation’s ethics, values and beliefs. Are the posters stuck up around the office reciting the organisational values actually worth the paper they are written on? The board should be making sure that they are.

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4. The iso teachings: what we’ve learned from COVID-19

By Interchange | 6 minute read



As we’ve settled into our new ways of work, our conversations have started to shift. What will have changed when we see ourselves on the other side of this Pandemic? What aspects will we take with us, and what have we learned?

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5. Coronavirus could be a catalyst for change and innovation

By Grace Taylor from RMIT | 4 minute read



The pandemic has sparked a whole new wave of innovation and collaboration. Expert Anne-Laure Mention says “The innovation community is now seeing that in this new environment, the old way of framing innovation problems, based on business benefits alone, is no longer sufficient.”

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