Fast Five: Issue no. 7

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Fast Five no. 7 is here, presenting you with five diverse articles encapsulating topics such as the 100 top-performing CEO’s, new gender equality laws within the public sector and the need for psychological safety.






1.The Best-Performing CEO’s in the World, 2019

By Harvard Business Review | @HarvardBiz



Looking for some leadership inspiration? Well, Harvard Business Review has done all of the hard work for you by curating a list of 100 of the world’s top-performing CEO’s in 2019. This article presents some interesting insights and analysis on the year’s rankings, including the increase in the number of women making the list.

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2. Gender Equality Targets to be Mandated for Victorian Public Sector

By Wendy Tuohy | @wtuohy



As parliament introduces The Gender Equality Bill, employers within the Victorian public sector must now actively pursue gender equality in the workplace. This includes creating gender equality action plans, providing equal opportunity for career progression and reporting sexual harassment. The bill has been crafted to support men and women by allowing them both to reach their full potential at home and in the workplace.

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3. Social Contracts: Working out how to work together

By Marty Drill | @martydrill



It goes without saying that collaboration and diversity can benefit organisations immensely, but with a diverse culture, comes diverse needs, expectations, communication styles and behaviour. Could a social contract be the key to harnessing our differences and minimising unnecessary complexities? Take a read and find out.

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4. Why your board should prioritise cultural transformation

By Ken Boundy | @rhubarblover


With boards now being held accountable for the culture of their organisations, it’s time to focus on the measurement and transformation of our organisational culture. But with such a plethora of methods and tools available, how do we navigate this minefield, and find ourselves performing better than ever?

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5. High Performing Teams Need Psychological Safety. Here’s How to Create it

By Laura Delizonna | @delizonna


It’s fair to say that high-performing, innovative teams have a few things in common- creativity, moderate risk-taking and the ability to speak up. But in order for them to assert these behaviours and qualities, they must have psychological safety in the workplace. In this article, Laura Delizonna explains the importance of psychological safety and how you can increase it within your team.

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