Fast Five: Issue no. 8

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Issue no. 8 of Fast Five is here with your monthly dose of intrigue. These five articles cover a range of topics including the toxic culture behind luggage brand ‘Away’, how you can include remote workers in the Christmas festivities, vulnerability at work and more.






1.Emotional Baggage

By Zoe Schiffer | @ZoeSchiffer


Image by Grayson Blackmon and Will Joel


Not everything is as it seems. Zoe Schiffer presents a riveting exposé of the toxic culture that sits behind modern luggage brand, Away. The brand can attribute much of its success to selling the idea of travel and inclusivity. However, former employees say that the reality was anything but inclusive.

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2. Tackling ‘Flexism’ Against Men at Work

By Kate Neilson



Is your workplace flexist? Flexible work has traditionally been viewed and treated as a benefit reserved solely for women, however, this exclusivity is having rather negative effects on the family unit. Here, Kate Neilson explains the importance of making flexible working options available to men as well as women.

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3. The Chemistry and Psychology of Kindness

By Sophie Kesteven | @Sophie_Kesteven



When you perform an act of kindness, it’s not only the recipient that will benefit from it, you will too. In this article, Sophie Kesteven talks about the psychological benefits of kindness, and what we can do to treat ourselves with the same consideration as we do others.

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4. Why it’s Time to Take off Your Workplace Armour

By Deanna deBara | @Deanna_deBara



Quite often, vulnerability is seen as a liability, especially when it comes to the workplace. Well, it’s time to shift our attitudes, as vulnerability can actually be an asset to our organisations. Deanna deBara explains how.

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5.Two Simple Budget-Friendly Ways to Include Remote Workers at Holiday Parties

By Kristen Ruttgaizer



Although working remotely does grace employees with many benefits, it can sometimes leave them feeling disconnected from their coworkers and organisation, particularly around the holiday period. Here are some simple, yet budget-friendly ways to include your remote staff members in the festivities, even when you can’t fly them to HQ.

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