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With workplace culture becoming such a topical concept, it’s time to take a deep dive into what it means to have a positive work culture, and how it can be beneficial to a company’s performance.

To retain a competitive advantage in today’s economy, it is imperative for organisations to take a look at their workplace culture. Whether your goal is to improve safety outcomes, increase employee engagement or attract top talent, a positive workplace culture will be the catalyst. Interchange has collated five intriguing articles, detailing the importance of culture within a workplace, and what it can do to help strengthen your organisation.





1. Don’t force workplace culture, inspire it

By Rob Peters | @StandardofTrust


To hold a competitive advantage today, top firms are discovering the importance of cultivating a positive organisational culture. Despite how critical it is, leaders can’t force their workplace culture in a positive direction, they have to inspire it through kindness and appreciation.

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2. Why culture is the heart of innovation

By Chris Cancialosi | @gothamCulture


To remain competitive in today’s economic battlefield, organisations must remain at the forefront of innovation. But how do we ensure that we keep our creative ideas flowing? Innovative thinking can rely very heavily on the culture that surrounds it. In order to cultivate an environment where creativity can flourish, an organisation must ensure psychological safety, encourage dialogue, challenge assumptions and invite diversity.

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3. Culture over cash?

By Glassdoor | @Glassdoor


When it comes to attracting top talent, your company’s culture is just as important as the salary you offer, maybe even more so. In a recent international study released by Glassdoor, it was reported that 77% of respondents would consider a company’s culture before applying for a job. Another 56% added that they found a good workplace culture to be “more important than salary” when it came to job satisfaction.

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4. Competition Can Make Corporate Cultures More Socially Progressive

By Alexander Zentefis and Gary B. Gorton.

With the recent spotlight on organisational culture, Alexander Zentefis (an assistant professor of finance at Yale SOM) was intrigued by the way in which these cultural shifts come about. Teaming up with Gary Gorton, the pair identify whether market competition has the power to influence these social changes.

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5. Highly engaging workplace culture [Infographic]

By John Saddington | @8BIT

There are many elements that attribute to a highly engaged workplace culture. When these elements come together, the reaction is always positive, resulting in a collaborative, innovative and successful organisation.

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