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Military man, turned Consulting Director. Interchange’s very own Nick Everingham is not afraid to get down in the trenches to get results.

With his experience in the Australian Army and various other organisations, Nick brings a powerful sense of accountability to the Interchange team. He works very closely with our clients, ensuring that we hit the nail on the head, every time, no matter what the project is.

Nick has a knack for seamlessly designing and executing organisational strategy, and goes above and beyond to ensure our clients reach their business and culture goals.

We had a chance to get to know Nick a little better, learning about his love for Nordic Crime drama’s, his favourite family tradition and his sunshine-filled upbringing in Queensland.






What is your background/past working experience?

For the first 10 years of my working life, I was donning the camo, in the Australian Army. I was an Infantry Officer, leading teams of soldiers through many testing scenarios and environments. The Army was great for my development, especially as a young person, because I gained experience and skills that translated well into other areas of life.

After my time in the military, my career did a complete 180. I was tired of moving every two years and wanted some stability, so I became a Management Consultant at a small consulting company. After that, I spent some time in a number of leadership roles, at one of Australia’s largest wealth management companies. The next step in my career was taken at one of the “big 4” consulting firms, as a member of the Management Consulting team, which is where I remained for seven years before joining Interchange.




What is one problem that your clients have that you most want to assist them with?

Culture is such an important component of any organisation. Throughout my career, I’ve come across many companies that don’t realise just how much of an impact their organisational culture has on its overall performance and results. By acting as the ‘external set of eyes’, I can identify areas within their culture that will help them to unlock their full potential.


What are you working on right now?

I am leading two projects for our clients right now, both of which are working to deliver cultural change, using creative methods and environments. The projects are quite challenging, but they’re incredibly rewarding for me. I am also currently developing some new ways in which we can deliver positive outcomes for our clients.

What are the values that drive you?

I would have to say that my main drivers are honest, ethical behaviour and my sense of work ethic. Doing the right thing for all stakeholders involved in a situation is an important value of mine, developed at a young age. No matter what the scenario is, I bring this value with me.


A very, valuable (priceless) piece of artwork, picturing Nick. Painted by our Managing Director, Gabrielle Harris.


What do you think makes Interchange so unique?

Definitely the analytical skills that we apply to problem-solving, blended with the creative aspect of solution design and implementation.

There are a lot of players within the consulting industry, but no one utilises creativity as a way to instil knowledge in the way that we do. It has proven to be hugely successful for our clients and is definitely our point of difference.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me hosting BBQ’s for friends and family, mixing up some unique cocktail creations or taking photos and making videos. I also love getting out amongst nature to either hike or mountain bike.


What is your favourite family tradition?

Christmas time spent with the family is always the best time for me. We cycle through various locations and family branches, however it’s such a great time of year that it really doesn’t matter where we are. Last Christmas, we actually spent it in the Philippines, and then went on to Japan. It was a great time!


Where did you grow up and what is special about it?

I grew up in Queensland and spent just about every holiday in Mooloolaba, on the Sunshine Coast. It’s a fantastic part of the world. Relaxed, great beaches, surfing culture, cold beer and great seafood!



Sun, sand and beer- in Nick’s eyes, there’s nothing better.



When you want to relax, what is your go-to?

I really enjoy listening to podcasts to relax. Generally, ones with a bit of humour in them. I find that it’s a fairly easy way to wind down since you don’t need to be looking at a screen or reading anything, so I can listen to them while I’m driving or walking. I also like to listen to music or do some form of physical exercise to relax.


What artists frequent your playlist?

I’m a bit of an unassuming punk fan actually. The Clash is one of my favourite bands, which tends to surprise people a bit. I also really like bands like the Rolling Stones, The Ramones and Queens of the Stone Age. I like a lot of different genres, but they all tend to be in the realm of rock.


What TV shows do you most enjoy binging?

Well, it’s a bit niche, but I usually like binge-watching Nordic crime dramas. I have no idea how I even got started on them, but I can’t stop! The storylines are very complex and the atmosphere is dark, which is a bit different from most other shows on our screens.



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