The secret life of a business woman. Part 1

by Gabrielle Harris.

The thing about social media like LinkedIn, is that we are supposed to pretend that we are incredible business people. That we have no significant life outside of work. There are so many problems with this paradigm. I rarely touch LinkedIn and twitter for this very reason. For marketing coverage, we are expected to post something that we think will seem more intelligent than those we are connect with – is it really that interesting to those of you who are reading? I suggest if you have got this far, you are in the top 10%. We (insert ‘I’) are are not brave enough to tell the truth; what it’s really like to live in the business world…….. so here I am exposing myself to all of you……. The secret life of a business woman.

I run a small business. I am so grateful that it has grown significantly over the past 3 years since we started. I have done some incredible things over that time but I have also made some serious f&*k ups.

I’m not going to tell you about the highs and lows tonight and I will never hit you with a motivational meme. It’s not my thing, but I will tell you a story.

Last week, I had a hard time. We’d had a challenge with a client and as a team, we were feeling pretty low. I found enough energy to get everyone to Friday, but it was hard to get the team there feeling motivated and inspired. Who am I to say who is right or who is wrong? How will we overcome all our challenges? I wish I could say that I went to meditation and that I had all the answers. I didn’t. Instead, after a week of difficulties, I arrived home and said to my husband, I need a dinner out – dealing with the 3 boys tonight is out of the question. Now I know that’s not cool. I haven’t seen them for the best part of a week but seriously, I had nothing left. If I were to read them a book or mediate arguments, I would have done more damage than good. My head was not in the right space!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Matt and I had a great dinner out. We ran into our friends Bec and Simon, or fell into their house on the way home, more to the point (they’re brilliant by the way and you’ll learn more about them as we go) before relieving the babysitter.

That night, we did the usual dance. Between us, we changed beds 4 times and the 3 boys had tantrums about who should sleep next to whom. It hurt. In the morning, following the best part of 5 hours sleep, our toddler, awoke calling ‘yo-hoo, daddy’ on repeat for 20 mins before we (read matt) got him out of his cot. We lay there hoping he’d jump into bed and quietly sleep. Instead he emptied my dresser draw and lined up a box of tampons on the floor. I opened my eyes to our Labrador making an uncomfortable sound/bark as my 2-year-old tried to put tampon up her butt.

My take from that – we’re all messy and uncomfortable. Let’s embrace that rather than trying to be perfect healers or gurus on social media. If we make it more interesting, we might want to read it more often!

Happy Friday one and all.

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