EVP + Culture Communication


Attract the people your business needs.


While there are many things that a business needs to succeed, hiring the right people is always number one on the list.

But competition is fierce. Not only do you have to find people with the skills and knowledge needed for the role, but they also have to be the right fit for your culture. 

Great prospects don’t come easy, but getting it wrong can prove to be a far more challenging experience.

Having helped some of Australia’s largest businesses to create a culture in which their people can thrive, we understand how to uncover the unique elements of a company that make it stand out from the rest.

Our EVP Strategy and Design work harnesses a potent mix of evidence, insight, strategy and creativity to help our clients uncover what makes them unique as an employer. We then express this insight via compelling creative and powerful messages, that engage and excite the prospects they need and want to attract.


Our Approach

1 – Discovery

Through research, analysis, interviews and more, the discovery phase allows us to unearth a wide range of data, insights and information, to feed into the creation of a compelling EVP strategy. 

2 – Strategy Workshop

The workshop brings a number of key stakeholders together in one room to tackle the most critical topics and complex questions relating to the EVP project. The insights gathered from the workshop play an important role in developing a meaningful and actionable EVP strategy.

3 – EVP Strategy Framework

Following the completion of the brand workshop and the finalisation of the discovery phase, we collate all the findings, insights, and ideas into a practical framework document that will guide and direct the launch and delivery of the new EVP to market.

4. EVP Conceptual Design

Following the completion of the EVP strategy framework, Interchange then creates concept designs of communication collateral showing how different elements of the EVP, including messaging, imagery and design, can be applied to a number of internal and external comms and marketing platforms and executions.


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