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A new online show designed to help you feel better and work smarter while we all get used to change.

There’s no sugar coating it. These are strenuous times for all of us. As we do our best, trying to deal with the impact of COVID-19, new challenges seem to pop up every day. Some of which include changes to our jobs and the way we work.

With so many of us trying to settle into our home offices (and trying to get the hang of mass video conferences), while also dealing with the uncertainty of a pandemic, we understand that a little support and guidance wouldn’t go astray.


That’s why we launched The 2pm Project – a weekly online show that will help employees and leaders:


–   Make sense of where we’re at

–   Learn ways to manage stress and promote wellbeing

–   Get ideas on how to remain engaged and connected

–   Find out ways to adapt and cope through our mindsets and behaviours

–   Manage remote working


The show streams live via YouTube at 2pm each Friday. Register to receive the weekly live stream links here.





Previous Episodes:

Episode 9: What We’ve Learned from COVID-19

Not only did we get to witness a stunning performance by musician Juliette Coleman in episode 9, we also got to chat to MYOB’s Chief Employee Experience Officer, Helen Lea, KeepCup’s CEO and Founder, Abigail Forsyth and Interchange’s Consulting Director, Nick Everingham, about what they’ve learned from the COVID-19 experience.



Watch full episode



Episode 8: Health and Safety During a Crisis

Episode 8 of The 2pm Project delved deep into the health and safety space, shining a light on the necessary considerations when managing a crisis like COVID-19. Providing their expertise and lived experience, we had two incredible guests joining the Interchange team – Head of HSE at Liang O’Rourke, Richard Coleman, and Head of HSW at Woolworths NZ, Ben Sheidow.



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Episode 7: Re-Onboarding

With the return to normality on the horizon, episode 7 couldn’t have come at a better time. Joining the usual crew last week to discuss the re-onboarding process, was Organisational Psychologist at Transitioning Well, Rachael Palmer and Head of Land Systems Division, Major General Andrew Bottrell.



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Episode 6: Leading During a Pandemic

With organisations experiencing so many changes in the current climate, leaders have been left facing more challenges than ever before. catch up on episode 6 and hear Interchange Managing Director, Gabrielle Harris, WesTrac NSW and ACT Chief Executive, Greg Graham and Seek Australia and New Zealand HR Director, Rebecca Supierz, discuss their experience of leading during a pandemic.



View full episode here



Episode 5: Ultra-Flexibility

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has dropped a huge bombshell on us all. Our working arrangements have been shaken within an inch of their lives, bringing about flexibility on a scale we’ve never seen before. But when the dust settles, which of our new practices should stay within our routines and what have we gained from this experience? To weigh in on this conversation we will also have special guest, Professor Anne Bardoel, from the Faculty of Business and Law at Swinburne University.



View full episode here



Episode 4: Circles of Control and Influence

Our resident panellists were joined by special guest Darren Flanagan, to discuss Cirlces of Control and Influence. We also witnessed an incredible musical performance by Australian, Romani Gypsy act…Lolo Lovina!



View full episode here



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