Our Approach

Like fingerprints, no two solutions are identical.

At Interchange, every project is bespoke and tailored to each organisation’s unique set of needs. That’s why we apply a human-centred design approach, every step of the way.

The people we design for are at the centre of the process, allowing us to create solutions that truly resonate with them – no matter how complex the issue may be.

We delve deep into the inner workings of an organisation.

We co-create solutions that inspire change, drawing on contemporary theories of organisational psychology.

We then deploy those solutions in some of the most immersive and colourful ways, ensuring that the change becomes part of the organisation’s DNA.

What really sets us apart though, is our creativity.

Successful transformation cannot be achieved through PowerPoint presentations and endless piles of policy. It’s about knowing what makes people tick and responding in ways that engage, excite and inspire.

That’s why each of our projects are delivered using creative methods such as film, theatre, virtual reality, curated learning environments and more.

Our diverse team of consultants, creatives, strategists, producers and facilitators provide the perfect melting pot of skills and experience, allowing us to connect with our audiences.

Keen to see us in action? Check out some of our previous projects to see what we’ve been up to.

Get in touch with the Interchange team to learn more about the incredible impact our work can have on your people and your organisation.

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  • Australian & New Zealand retailer: Organisational purpose

  • Asciano: Life Connect


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