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Gone are the days of working Monday – Friday from 9 – 5.

Flexibility offers employees control over when, where and how they work.

It enables people to make valuable contributions throughout all domains of their lives. Whether we are combining a meaningful work role with parenthood, amateur painting or volunteer firefighting, flexibility empowers employees to fully embrace all that life has to offer.

Flexibility shifts the focus from the hours spent in the office to the outcomes and deliverables. Because that’s really what’s important, right?

The benefits of flexibility are desirable to both employees and organisations alike – but these benefits can only be realised if the right flexible working options are available and if the organisational culture supports their utilisation.

Interchange partners with organisations to design the perfect suite of flexible working options to suit the business requirements. But it doesn’t stop there. Interchange continues on to support our clients in implementing and embedding flexibility into the organisational culture. It’s not enough to simply have the options available; this way of working should be embraced and celebrated within the culture of the organisation.

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