Culture Transformation

Culture is the driving force behind every successful organisation.

Even with a foolproof strategy in place, if a business doesn’t have the right culture humming away in the background, it is unlikely to reach its end goal.

Whether it be employee engagement, customer satisfaction, or the ability to achieve strategic objectives – culture underpins all of it. So, you could say that it is important to get it right.

To achieve this feat, Interchange takes a human-centred design approach to work collaboratively with our clients throughout three distinct phases: Discover, Design and Deliver.

We create the perfect landscape for culture transformation to ensue, by combining our strategic prowess with unbridled, inventive talent.



To create the culture you want, you must first understand the culture you have.

That’s why our culture work starts with a comprehensive research phase.

During the discover phase, we get down in the trenches and spend time speaking with employees, teams and senior leaders.

Drawing from an array of both quantitative and qualitative research methods, we work to understand how the culture of the organisation is currently experienced across all levels of the business.

We then take a deep dive into the parts that are broken and need fixing, and perhaps more importantly, the parts that are working well and can be built upon.

Using the findings, we are able to present back an informed picture of the organisational culture, along with a plan for forging a path from where an organisation is today to where they want to be.



To design solutions that truly work, requires a meeting of minds and a strong partnership.

During the design phase, we create solutions that hit home for the intended audience. But we don’t do this alone. To develop the most successful solutions, we team up with those who understand the audience best.

Drawing on contemporary theories of organisational psychology, the solutions are brought to life with creative and engaging experiences.

Whether it’s through film, theatre, interactive technology, curated learning environments or something completely different, we design heart-felt messages that inspire people to be a part of the change they want to see in their organisation.



To bring about sustainable change, concerted effort and focus are required over an extended period of time.

During the deliver phase, the completed solutions are deployed throughout the organisation.

Through impactful launch events, highly engaging learning experiences and easy-to-implement activities, we are able to inspire new behaviours and achieve long-term, deeply ingrained change that supports an organisation’s strategy and purpose.

It won’t be long before this change is referred to as, “just the way we do things around here”.

Get in touch with the Interchange team to learn more about the incredible impact our work can have on your people and your organisation.

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