Leadership Development

  leadership development


Great leaders are made, not born.

When it comes to leadership, two famous quotes come to mind. The classic, ‘leadership starts at the top’ and the little more obscure, ‘the fish rots from the head down’.

What these two phrases have in common is that they highlight the fact that what happens at the top permeates all that comes below.

Interchange partners with organisations to understand their leadership needs and to design interventions that bring about the desired change in behaviours and mindsets.

We help leaders hone in on their strengths, identify their weaknesses and then work towards their development goals. Whether it’s through one-on-one coaching or leadership development programs, we ensure that organisations develop the leaders they require to uphold their culture, strategy and purpose.


“AmpControl worked with Interchange to conduct a leadership assessment and develop our senior leadership team. They were instrumental in unlocking our collective potential, and supported us with developing our organisational purpose, helping us to move forward as a team.”

Leigh Stefanszyn, General Manager – People and Engagement, AmpControl


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