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For businesses to deliver their best possible performance day in and day out, employees must be at the top of their game.

But what does it take for employees to feel ready to take on the world?

Although it’s a nice gesture, it’s not just about offering apples in the kitchen or encouraging people to go for a walk at lunchtime. It goes much, much deeper than that.

Fostering positive mental health and wellbeing requires a holistic approach. One that addresses all dimensions of wellbeing and considers the personal needs of employees.

Interchange partners with organisations to design customised solutions and interventions that promote positive mental health and wellbeing. We equip employees and leaders alike with the tools to construct new and positive habits that are sure to withstand the test of adversity.

But it doesn’t stop there. Interchange also works to ensure that the culture within an organisation strongly values and actively encourages positive mental health and wellbeing. After all, organisational culture reinforces desired behaviour.


“We partnered with Interchange on a wellbeing initiative to support the Pacific National workforce to improve their health outcomes. We needed something that would be educational, engaging and sustainable. Interchange was the only supplier that I could find in the Australian market that was looking beyond fruit baskets and Fitbits. The program explored social, mental, intellectual and physical health equally. It involved participants and their families and friends. And it made a lasting difference to the lives of many.”

Louise Dubois, Acting Director, Health Safety & Wellbeing at Optus


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