Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose

Interchange exists to shake it up and inspire brilliance – this is our reason for being. Our purpose is our guiding light and provides a clear call to action for everyone who works here.


Our Values

Find the magic

Felix Johnson, Creative Manager
“Working in the creative team, I think if we don’t find an innovative edge to our culture work, we’re forgetting our purpose.  The thing is, it’s often not as easy as 1-2-3-presto. What I love about Finding the Magic is making headway despite all the obstacles. For me, it’s the steep mountain you hike for the incredible view at the top – the path isn’t easy, but the sense of achievement is inspiring.”

Ride the rollercoaster

Gabrielle Harris, CEO and Founder
“Life at interchange is never boring. There are steep inclines, descents, sharp curves and sudden changes of speed and direction. And yet somehow, we always stay on the track. When we ride, we hold each others hand, laugh together, scream together and always come out better than we went in.”

Joan Rasmussen, Project Coordinator
“I love the idea that no matter what we’re doing or how busy/stressful/complicated/daunting it is, there is always somebody there to ride the rollercoaster with you.  It’s so important to feel like you are seen and supported, especially through the crazy times.”

Own it

Bec Hale, Digital Marketing Manager
“I love that each Interchanger is encouraged to present our Organisational Success Model to the team early on in their own terms, whether that be through cheerleading analogies, theatrical simulations, or creative slide presentations. We’re motivated to own our contribution to the business, and bring our full selves to work every day.”

Go platinum

Felix Johnson, Creative Manager
“The Olympics has Gold, Silver and Bronze – but I think at Interchange we don’t just want equal best, we want to go beyond. Going Platinum makes me feel like we can be rockstars, delivering something more effective and more interesting than anyone else.”

Shits ‘n’ giggles

Sandra Pittaro, Operations and Projects Director
“Keeping a sense of humour makes work so much more fun. It’s a great way to connect with others, lift spirits up and motivate people to do their best. Maintaining a balance between work and life is key and shits ‘n giggles is an important part of that.”

Amy Miller, Senior Project Manager

“I think office shits ‘n gigs are so important! Humour is a proven mood enhancer and helps build strong and immediate connections, which we know is really important for good workplace culture.”


Our values underpin everything we do. They are the benchmark for our behaviour, how we work, the decisions we make, and are how our strategy and purpose is realised. These five values are the best indication of what it’s like to work at Interchange.

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