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7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd is a network of over 670 convenience stores across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, and Western Australia. As part of a two-day conference for corporate staff, Interchange was engaged to lead a series of workshops focused on workplace safety and wellbeing via our ‘Care on Every Corner’ culture-change program. We conducted the Discover phase of our work prior to the conference, enabling us to share the results with delegates and gain further insight into how safety and wellbeing could be improved across 7-Eleven.


By commencing the Discover phase of our work prior to the conference, we were able to use the findings to glean further insight from staff that, in addition to their thoughts on safety and wellbeing, extended to how to improve the overall business. We asked staff to identify innovative and left-of-field ways that 7-Eleven could make improvements – across both the corporate and store environments – and to pinpoint the impact that corporate staff have on the store network.


We designed live conference sessions to share the results of the Discover phase in an engaging and energising way. We created a stimulating, round-robin set of activities, so that participants could use design thinking to brainstorm ideas, uncover additional ways to improve safety and wellbeing, and confirm the findings and behaviours identified in our report.


Four sessions were delivered involving 400 participants in total. Participants tackled five different activities across each session, including a virtual reality experience, quiz questions, and true or false statements. Participants also had the opportunity to reflect on how corporate staff impact the safety and wellbeing of 7-Eleven stores, and generate innovative ideas for improving these aspects of the business.


Our program generated results to steer 7-Eleven towards the cultural transformation it needs to benefit the safety and wellbeing of all staff.

  • Over 250 ideas were generated providing useful insight for the 7-Eleven Leadership team.
  • There were rich discussions about the impact corporate staff have on the safety and wellbeing of workers at 7-11 stores. Staff identified that overall business performance could be improved, as well as safety and wellbeing, through flexible working arrangements and the availability of workplace wellness facilities.
  • Discussions frequently highlighted the key behaviours requiring attention from 7-Eleven to drive cultural change. These discussions echoed the major themes previously identified during our discovery phase and confirmed that our intended approach for cultural transformation was the right one.
  • Suggestions around process or equipment changes from participants were considered for piloting. Results were shared with corporate staff and linked to ideas generated in the program.
  • With the abundance of ideas generated into how safety and wellbeing could be improved, 7-Eleven is now strongly positioned to embark on the next crucial phase of its cultural transformation

Supporting Assets:

Like all Interchange programs, our conference sessions deployed the most relevant assets to engage and stimulate discussion amongst the delegates.

  • A virtual reality experience
  • Quiz questions
  • True or false statements
  • Brainstorming safety and wellbeing initiatives in stores, including innovative and out-of-the-box ideas on to improve overall safety and wellbeing at 7-Eleven.

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