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The Challenge

In 2017, had set its sights on some solid goals. The company wanted to attract and retain top talent in order to build competitive advantage. To realise this goal, felt it was important to empower and further develop inspiring, well-equipped mid-level managers.

To help the company turn this objective into a reality, Interchange came on board to design and deliver a tailor-made leadership development program.






The Solution

To determine the specific areas of focus for the program, Interchange needed to first gain an understanding of the skills, behaviours and responsibilities that were required of middle managers. It was also important to take a deep dive into the day-to-day challenges faced by mid-level managers.

To gain this insight, Interchange entered a discovery phase, taking the form of surveys, interviews and analysing existing data. Based on the findings, a bespoke leadership program titled ‘Leading for High Performance’ was designed.





The program enabled’s middle managers to build upon their current skillsets and learn how to inspire their teams and strive towards high-performance.

The program was also designed to teach leaders how to embrace and feel excited by the ongoing challenges and responsibilities of their roles.

Woven throughout the Leading for High Performance program were a series of workshops and multimedia assets, each designed to engage and inform participants.




Mid-level managers participated in a one-day, multifaceted leadership workshop, run by Interchange’s expert facilitators.

During the workshop, participants were exposed to new skills and tools, that assisted them in leading their teams, creating a positive working environment and elevating performance.





The learnings from this workshop were then further embedded at, through ongoing and follow-up activities. These included coaching, surveys and check-ins.

When participants returned to the office, they were also encouraged to share their newly acquired knowledge with the wider workforce– filtering the knowledge throughout the organisation




Learning App

To assist with the delivery of the various training components, a custom-designed learning app was developed.

The app could be accessed via desktop or mobile, which allowed participants to continue their learning at any time, from any location.



Users were also able to watch videos, complete training tasks, and interact with other learners at their convenience. The app also facilitated ongoing tracking of and engagement with participants throughout the program.

Social learning ensured the far-reaching benefits of the app, so that participants could share their experiences and learnings in real-time and have other participants react or respond.





In order to keep participants engaged throughout the various stages, we aimed to instil a sense of community and warmth into the program. To achieve this, Interchange created a series of interview-style films featuring’s CEO Cam McIntyre.

The series featured Cam, talking openly about his personal growth and experience within the leadership space. He also shared some very useful tips on time management and offering feedback.




Overall, the leadership development program was received very well with: 

  • 75% of leaders strongly agreed that they could immediately apply the new skills they had learned
  • 88% of leaders strongly agreed they were actively engaged from start to finish throughout the workshop


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