Menu Leadership Development Ltd (ASX: CAR) is the biggest online automotive, motorcycle and marine classifieds business in Australia. Interchange was engaged to build an innovative leadership program to create inspiring managers and help the business build a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining top talent. This was enabled through the design, development and delivery of an original motivating middle manager training program, closely aligned to’s strategy and culture.


We began by understanding the skills and behaviours required of middle managers and the ongoing responsibilities and expectations of their roles. We also needed to understand the client’s top development priorities for their leaders and how we could best support them through a tailored training program.


We then designed the bespoke training program ‘Leading for High Performance’. The program enabled’s middle managers to build skills, understand how leaders can inspire their teams, and embrace the ongoing responsibilities of their roles.


Using our ELITETM methodology, we conducted a training program and developed an app to engage participants throughout. This app enabled the delivery of key training components and allowed participants to access their learning activities anytime.

A one-day facilitated workshop, in which participants were exposed to new skills and tools, was conducted as part of the training program.

The learnings from this workshop were embedded at through follow-up activities such as coaching, surveys, and check-ins. Managers were also able to pass on some of the new skills they had learnt when they returned to the office – ensuring staff beyond those at the workshop could benefit from their time with Interchange.


The results of this program demonstrated the benefits of our engaging approach:

  • 75% of leaders strongly agreed they could immediately apply the new skills they had learned
  • 88% of leaders strongly agreed they were actively engaged from start to finish throughout the workshop

Supporting assets:

As with all Interchange programs, we deployed assets in an integrated fashion using a variety of educational tools.

  • Facilitation
  • Film introducing CEO
  • The app
  • Participant workbooks

A tailored app

Program implementation took place through a tailored learning app, which could be accessed via desktop or mobile phone on multiple platforms.

The app provided users with the ability to watch videos, complete training tasks, and interact with other learners at their convenience. The app also facilitated ongoing tracking of and engagement with participants throughout the program.

Social learning ensured the far-reaching benefits of the app, so that participants could share their experiences and learnings in real-time and have other participants react or respond.

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