Developing Inspiring Leaders

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The Challenge

The number one goal of was to empower and develop inspiring, well-equipped leaders. The company wanted to attract and retain top talent in order to build a competitive advantage.

To realise this goal, our client felt it was important to empower and further develop inspiring, well-equipped mid-level managers.

To help them turn this objective into a reality, Interchange came on board to design and deliver a tailor-made leadership development program.



The Solution

To determine the specific areas of focus for the program, Interchange needed to first gain an understanding of the skills, behaviours, responsibilities and challenges that were faced by leaders.

To gain this insight, Interchange entered a discovery phase, which took the form of surveys, interviews and analysing existing data.

Based on the findings, a bespoke leadership program titled ‘Leading for High Performance’ was designed.

The program enabled leaders to build upon their current skill-sets and learn how to inspire their teams and strive towards high-performance.

The program was also designed to teach the participants how to embrace and feel excited by the ongoing challenges and responsibilities of their roles.

Woven throughout the Leading for High Performance program was a series of workshops and multimedia assets, each designed to engage and inform participants.


Some of which included:

  • A bespoke learning app
  • Customised learning content
  • Tailor-made video content
  • Engaging workshops



  • 75% of leaders strongly agreed that they could immediately apply the new skills they had learned
  • 88% of leaders strongly agreed they were actively engaged from start to finish throughout the workshop




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